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Sunil Prakash


MBA, C.C.Ht, P.L.T. 

  • Foundations Graduate and a Certified Hypnotist.


  • Past Life Regression Therapist

  • Foreign Energy Dynamics & Talking to Sub-Conscious mind

  • Trainer, Healer & Consultant, Radical & Magnified Healing

  • Institutes :-

    • Hypnosis Motivation Institute, USA.

    • California Hypnosis Institute, California, USA.

    • Tasso Instituut, Netherlands.


    •  American Hypnosis Association, USA
    • European Association for Regression Therapy

     Area of activity

    • Stress, anger, anxiety, fear, phobia, relationship, pains, substance abuse, habits, self enhancement, low self esteem, pre & post marriage syndromes and more.

    • Carrier Planning for all by Hypnosis

    • Bio-Field Energy (Aura / Chakra) Imaging, Interpretation and Consultancy.

    • Speed Hypnosis Techniques by Brian David Phillips.

    • Trainer & Consultant to Corporate for overall analysis, health, employee relationship, Pre & Post recruitment.

    • Relationship Dynamics (Counseling with Radical healing),

    • Space Energy Management (Vastu Healing),

    • Marriage Alliance analysis,



There are 2 mental patterns that contribute to diseases – FEAR and ANGER.
These are thoughts that poison the body. They are exhibited by:


  • impatience,
  • irritation,
  • frustration,
  • criticism,
  • resentment,
  • jealously,
  • bitterness,
  • indignation
  • rage
  • wrath


  • tensions,
  • anxiety,
  • nervousness,
  • worry,
  • doubt,
  • insecurity,
  • un-well,
  • unworthiness,
  • trepidation
  • consternation

Well we substitute faith for fear & anger.  Faith in what?  Faith in life.  Life when taken in positive, no matter what we choose to believe or think, the universe always says ‘YES’ to us whether it is poverty or  prosperity. 


Now it is for us to decide if we are interested to release this poison of FEAR & ANGER, and plan to achieve the YES  for positive healthy life.


I AM THE SOURCE AND YOUR ANSWER. I show you the way to release this poison and make your body start functioning properly and once again enter into the state of healthy and comfortable life.

I am committed towards self-realization and helping people from all realms of the world to change their lives for the better. I do my best to bring compassion, inspiration and love to all.


Happy Healing!


Dr. Sunil Prakash